Necessities to finding a great Contractor, ask these questions:

• Are you licensed and insured?

• Do you carry Builders Risk Insurance?

• Do you carry Workers Comp and Builders Risk Insurance?

• How many homes have you built?

• How many homes do you have in progress now?

• What is the maximum homes you have under construction at one time?

• How do you supervise progress and quality at the site?

• How long have you worked with your Sub-Contractors?

• Do you have warranties on materials and workmanship?

• Can you provide sample contract and specification sheets?

• How will you charge for your services?

• What is your change order policy?

• How much time will it take to build my home?

• Can you provide references?

• Do you communicate with your home owners on a regular basis?

• Do you keep your construction sites neat and organized?

Planning Your New

Home Construction

Start your design brainstorming early.


Make a list your wants and needs.


Look at plan & design books to gather what appeals to you.


Keep pictures and layouts of the look you want and sizes of rooms / house you envision.


When you make actual selections keep samples, swatches, pictures, specs for your records.


Kitchen: How do you use yours? Kitchens are and should be custom to you,

so plan them wisely.


When budgeting, take into consideration property owner fees, survey expenses,

and utility requirements.


Optimize your views, give thought to house placement & room arrangement.


Make sure you contract with a licensed, insured, experienced Designer / Contractor.


Communicate often with your Contractor.

New Construction

Architecture Degree

Contractor License